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 Les Mis Les Mis Actors Website

Les Mis
When is Les Mis returning to Broadway?
Preview are scheduled to begin on October 24 2006 with an opening on November 9 2006.

The show is currently scheduled to play for a limited 6 month run ending April 22, 2007. However, there are rumors that it will extend if it is successful.

How can I find Les Mis on Broadway?
Starting October 24, Les Mis will begin performances at Broadway's Broadhurst Theatre, located at 235 West 44th Street.

Click to View Mapquest Map

How can I get tickets for Les Miserables on Broadway?
Tickets are available online, at the Broadhurst Theatre box office, or by calling Telecharge (800) 432-7250.

Can you give me information regarding Les Mis auditions?
I'd love to, but I don't have access to any such information. As a reminder, this website is unofficial and I have no connections to any productions of Les Mis.

How can I go about arranging a backstage tour?
I wish I could provide that information, but I wouldn't even know how to arrange one for myself.

If you'd like to talk to the actors and get their autographs, you can do so by waiting at the stage door of the theatre where it is being performed. Many actors will not assume that people are waiting to speak to them, so don't be afraid to go up to them with a polite request.

Do you have contact information for insert name of actor or production team member?
Most likely not.

Les Mis Actors
Why isn't insert name of actor included on this site?
There might be a few reasons for this:
  • Since this site is an unofficial Broadway Les Mis site, it only includes actors who have appeared in the Broadway production. (I thought this was obvious but apparently it isn't)
  • There may be some actors whose dates and/or roles are unknown, but who have listed the Broadway production of Les Mis in their credits. If I know of any such actors, their names will be listed at the bottom of the Add Headshots page, where you can also add the necessary info. if you know it.
  • Due to the unoffiical nature of the site and its information, it's certainly possible that I've missed someone. Please contact me if you can provide concrete info (i.e. dates and role) for any actors who you believe are missing from the site.

Why does it say that insert name of actor was not in the show continuously when he never left?
First, the phrase used on the actor pages is Not necessarily continuously. This means that the actor may or may not have been in the show continuously.

It's important to understand that this site is driven by a database. What this means is that there is really only one page that is used for the actor display and that it displays the correct information depending on which actor is depicted. In other words, there is only one page that can vary- not 350+ individual pages that are completely independent of each other!

Because there are many actors who have taken short leaves, it seemed like a good idea to add a standard disclaimer to the dates listed for any actor whose run included 2 consecutive years.

Insert name of actor was in the Broadway production- why isn't that listed with his credits?
Since this is a website devoted to the Broadway production of LesMis, it is implied that any actor listed here in the first place has been in Les Mis on Broadway. The Other Credits section is the place that shows some of the work the actor has done in other projects (i.e. not Les Mis on Broadway). If you go to an actor's page and look at the roles and years on the top, this is where you can see information that is specific to that actor's run in Les Mis on Broadway.

I'd like to say hi to insert name of actor
How very nice of you! However, I'm sorry to say that I can't be of help. I really don't have any connection to the show. I've only ever talked to a very small number of actors who have appeared in Les Mis, and chances are that I can't be of any help in contacting whomever you are looking for. Sorry.

Can I use photos from broadwaylesmis.com on my site?
Please ask me if you want to use any photos or text on my site- my email address is on every page. I'll make my decision on a case by case basis, but I'll probably say yes. I'll think it's very rude if I find my images on other sites if my permission was not gained in advance- even if you give me credit on the site.

My guestbook entry was deleted. What about freedom of speech?
This website is privately owned so I'm sorry but freedom of speech does not apply. Please feel free to purchase your own domain name and hosting plan and you can put up whatever you want!

It states clearly on the Sign Guestbook page that all entries can be removed at the discretion of the webmaster. Links to site deemed offensive and not in the spirit of broadwaylesmis.com- including but not limited to porn sites- will result in the removal of the entire guestbook entry. The webmaster reserves the right to remove any and all guestbook or forum entries at any time, for any reason.

It saddens me that I have had to delete a number of guestbook entries lately but I will not tolerate entries that I find offensive, particularly when they include links to sites that are offensive (especially when the site content is not obvious until you click on the link)

How did you get the information that is included on this site?
The first step was to go through all my Les Mis playbills. I also went through old issues of the Barricade, which was a wonderful little fan-run newsletter devoted to Les Mis (which no longer exists) and any other reference material I could find. I also obtained playbills and brochures on ebay.

A generous visitor to the site shared his comprehensive cast lists, which was also extremely helpful. This person had many playbills dating from the early days of the show, and had listed the cast members from each playbill in a text document.

Many of the actor credits have been added by wonderful visitors to the site, most of whom I don't know personally. Feel free to share any information you might have regarding Les Mis alumni!

Why do I have to register to use the site?
First off, you do not need to register to visit the site!

You only need to register in order to access certain features of the website. While you may browse the Forum freely, registration is required if you wish to post. Also, registration is required if you want to sign up for the site updates mailing list.

The main reason for registration is to ensure that the admin has a valid way of contacting anyone who posts on the board and that only valid Email addresses are added to the mailing list. It also makes it easier to administer the site. Members are also able to create user profiles that will be linked to their posts. But please don't be intimidated- as mentioned above, you do not need to register in order to enjoy most features of the site.

Why isn't the order on the Browse Actor pages exactly right?
The information collected by this site is not scientific, and I don't always have the exact dates for actors. Without getting too technical, suffice it to say that it would be more effort than I felt it was worth to get the order to be any more precise than it currently. It's not perfect. The Chronology page is a better representation of the actual order in which actors played the various roles.

Why hasn't the information I submitted been included on the site?
Each submission needs to be manually approved, so it may take awhile for me to get to it. There can be several reasons why information does not get approved:
  • I don't have a chance to update the site as often as I should
  • Currently, only websites completely dedicated to a performer are being approved.
  • Currently, I am only listing onstage credits and not information about behind-the-scenes theatrical endeavors.
  • For regional credits, I prefer to have the name and location of the theatre.
  • There are some cases in which I have not been able to confirm information that has been submitted.
  • I'm selective in approving TV/Film credits, unless it's obvious that the actor played a significant role.
  • People have submitted Broadway Les Mis credits that are already on file. Broadway Les Mis credits are not listed in the section for an actor's other credits because that would just be redundant; they are listed on the top of each actor's page. (apparently, this is not obvious to everyone)
  • There have been cases of people being idiots and submitting bogus information. Umm, really, it's scary that people don't have better things to do.
Thanks for your understanding!

Why didn't you use the headshot I submitted?
If you uploaded the photo from the Headshots Needed page, be sure that the file was less than 12Kb. If you try to upload a file that is too large, it won't upload in its entirety so I'll just end up with the top of the photo. If you aren't sure if your photo is too large, feel free to send it via Email.

Why hasn't the site (or a part of the site) been updated lately/ why doesn't it have insert name of feature?
I'm only one person who maintains this site in her spare time out of sheer love for Les Mis/ websites. I do the best I can.

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have for new features. I can't promise I'll have the time to implement them, though.

Can you design a site for me?
I'm a professional web programmer, and I'd love to get into more freelance work, especially related to theatre. Please look at my Design pages or Contact me.

(and I love any and all compliments, so feel free to contact me even if you don't want to hire me!)

Donate online via the American Liberty PartnershipThis page has no official association with Les Misérables.
Every effort has been made to provide the best information possible on this site; however, there is no guarantee of accuracy.
Please address any questions or comments regarding the website or its content to Faith, the webmaster, at grantaire@LOAFOFBREADbroadwaylesmis.com (remove the "LOAFOFBREAD" to Email).