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This site has counted 464 actors who have performed in the Broadway company since the show opened in 1987. Here are some facts that I've dug up (well, a database search has actually come up with them) for your amusement- enjoy!

Here are some popular last names

Brown (3)
Brandy Brown
Danielle Melanie Brown
Kimberly J. Brown

Foster (3)
Hunter Foster
Sutton Foster
Tobi Foster

McDonald (3)
Amy McDonald
Chrissie McDonald
David McDonald

Adams (2)
Harley Adams
Tess Adams

Baron (2)
Christy Baron
Evalyn Baron

Bowen (2)
Andrea Bowen
Cameron Bowen

Clark (2)
Eliza Clark
John-Andrew Clark

Daniels (2)
J. D. Daniels
Nikki Renee Daniels

Davis (2)
Ben Davis
Melissa Anne Davis

Elliott (2)
Karen Elliott
Scott Elliott

Fisher (2)
David "Dudu" Fisher
Kate Fisher

Goodman (2)
Lorraine Goodman
Susan Goodman

Grant (2)
Gregory Grant
Lisa Ann Grant

Harris (2)
Eliza Harris
Netousha N. Harris

Hunt (2)
Robert Hunt
Scott Hunt

Jacobs (2)
Adam Jacobs
Tammy Jacobs

Kuhn (2)
Bruce Kuhn
Judy Kuhn

Lynch (2)
Gary Lynch
Michael Sutherland Lynch

Martin (2)
Michael X. Martin
Ricky Martin

Moore (2)
Maureen Moore
Melba Moore

Morris (2)
Gary Morris
Kenny Morris

Russell (2)
Lily Russell
Sean Russell

Walker (2)
Fuschia Walker
Ray Walker


Here are some of the most popular first names of Mis actors:

David (11)
David Barrus
David Benoit
David Bryant
David Burdick
David "Dudu" Fisher
David Gagnon
David Hansen
David Jon
David Josefsberg
David Masenheimer
David McDonald

Robert (10)
Robert Cuccioli
Robert DuSold
Rob Evan
Robert Gallagher
Robert Hunt
Robert D. Mammana
Robert Marien
Robert Aaron Tesoro
Robert Vernon
Robert Westenberg

Michael (9)
Michael Berry
Mike Eldred
Michael Sutherland Lynch
Michael Maguire
Michael L. Marra
Michael X. Martin
Michael McCarthy
Michael Shulman
Michael Zeidman

Stephen (9)
Stephen Bishop
Stephen Bogardus
Stephen R. Buntrock
Stephen Colella
Stephen Paul Cramer
Stephen Brian Patterson
Stephen Scarpulla
Steve Schocket (Shocket)
Stephen Trafton

Alex (8)
Alex Dezen
Alexandra Foucard
Alexander Gemignani
Alexis Kalehoff
Alex Lubliner
Alex Santoriello
Alex Strange
Alexandra Rose Sullivan

John (8)
John Capes
John-Andrew Clark
John Cudia
John Dewar
John Haggerty
John Leone
John Ruess
John Norman Thomas (aka John Norman)

Joe (7)
Joe Cassidy
Joseph Kolinski
Joe Locarro
Joe Mahowald
Joe Paparella
Joey Rigol
Joel Robertson

Christopher (6)
Chris Diamantopolous
Christopher Eid
Christopher Innvar
Christopher Mark Peterson
Christopher Trousdale
Christopher Winsor

Gary (6)
Gary Barker
Gary Beach
Gary Lynch
Gary Mauer
Gary Morris
Gary Moss

Jessica (6)
Jessica Boevers
Jessica Grové
Jessica Molaskey
Jessica Scholl
Jessica Sheridan
Jessica-Snow Wilson

Kevin (6)
Kevin Earley
Kevin Kern
Kevin Marcum
Kevin McGuire
Kevin Odekirk
Kevin R. Wright

Jennifer (5)
Jennifer Lee Andrews
Jennifer Butt
Jennifer Naimo
Jennifer Paz
Jennifer Zimmerman

Peter (5)
Peter Gantenbein
Peter Gunther
Pete Herber
Peter Lockyer
Peter Samuel

Susan (5)
Susan Dawn Carson
Susan Gilmour
Susan Goodman
Susie McMonagle
Susan Spencer

Brian (4)
Brian D'Addario
Brian Herriott
Brian Noonan
Brian Press

Gina (4)
Gina Feliccia
Gina Ferrall
Gina Lamparella
Gina Milo

Richard (4)
Richard Falzone
Richard Kinsey
Richard Poole
Richard Vida

Adam (3)
Adam Heller
Adam Hunter
Adam Jacobs

Betsy (3)
Betsy Joslyn
Betsy True
Betsy Werbel

Craig (3)
Craig Rubano
Craig Schulman
Craig Wells

Diana (3)
Diana Caperello
Diana Kaarina
Diana Rogers

Paul (3)
Paul Avedesian
Paul Harman
Paul Truckey

Scott (3)
Scott Elliott
Scott Hunt
Scott Logsdon


Here is a list of some actors who have recorded solo albums:

 Laurie BeechmanNo One is Alone1996
 Laurie BeechmanThe Andrew Lloyd Webber Album1995
 Laurie BeechmanTime Between the Time1993
 Laurie BeechmanListen to my Heart1990
 Ron Bohmeranother life2000
 Ron BohmerEveryman1997
 Nicola BoyerReal2002
 Ann CrumbBroadway Diva Swings2000
 David "Dudu" FisherShowstoppers1993
 David "Dudu" FisherOver the Rainbow (in Hebrew)1989
 Randy GraffRandy Graff Sings Cy Coleman: Doing Something Righ1996
 Randal KeithLife has Been Good to Me2004
 Judy KuhnJust In Time: Judy Kuhn Sings Jule Styne1995
 Robert MarienLa Voix des Anges2000
 Robert MarienBroadway- Montreal1997
 Ricky MartinRicky Martin2000
 Andrea McArdleOn Broadway1995
 Michael McCarthyBroadway2002
 Michael McCarthyLiving For the Moment2000
 J. Mark McVeyIf You Really Knew Me The Music of Marvin Hamlisch2002
 J. Mark McVeyBroadway and Beyond1997
 Gary MorrisStones1989
 Gary MorrisPlain Brown Wrapper1986
 Gary MorrisAnything Goes1985
 Gary MorrisFaded Blue1984
 Gary MorrisWhy Lady Why1982
 Gary MorrisGary Morris1982
 Paige O'HaraDream with Me1998
 Paige O'HaraLoving You: Paige O'Hara sings Jerry Herman1995
 Stephen Brian PattersonTonight At Eight2003
 Alice RipleyRaw at Town Hall (with Emily Skinner)2006
 Alice RipleyEverything's Fine2001
 Alice RipleyUnsuspecting Hearts (with Emily Skinner)1999
 Alice RipleyDuets (with Emily Skinner)1998
 Frances RuffelleFrances Ruffelle1998
 Frances RuffelleFragile1994
 Anne Marie RunolfssonAt Sea1997
 Lea SalongaThe Christmas Album2000
 Lea SalongaLea Salonga1993
 Craig SchulmanCraig Schulman on Broadway2001
 Debbie Shapiro GravitteThe MGM Album1997
 Debbie Shapiro GravittePart of Your World1994
 Anne Tolpegin"Diva in Waiting"1999
 Chuck WagnerChuck Wagner1999
 Colm WilkinsonStage Heroes1989


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